Final Cut: Ladies and Gentlemen (2012)

Exclusive Event! Nine shows only! Returning for a limited encore, this one-of-a-kind cinematic experience features the greatest movies of all time–over 450 international films–spliced together into a visionary montage that tells a single unified story of a man and a woman. … Continue reading

Patema Inverted (Sakasama no Patema, 2013)

Patema Inverted is a science fiction anime, and it’s a difficult movie to talk about without spoilers. I’ll try to be careful, but if you’re allergic to spoilers, beware. I saw this as part of the Seattle International Film Festival, … Continue reading

The Wind Rises (Kaze tachinu, 2013)

Miyazaki has become one of my very favorite directors over time. I’ve seen all of his feature films multiple times. To say that I came into his most recent (and reportedly his last) film with heightened expectations is an understatement. … Continue reading

The Ring Finger (L’annulaire, 2005)

While Ogawa’s fiction, too, explores diverse subjects, some basic patterns are discernible. She prefers first-person female narrators with simple, almost naïve voices that balance a sense of intimacy with a paradoxical emotional reserve. These narrators are often … going through … Continue reading

The Best Offer (La migliore offerta, 2013)

The Best Offer is a stylish psychological thriller by the Italian director Giuseppe Tornatore, who is probably most famous for Cinema Paradiso (a film I haven’t seen). It concerns the burgeoning obsessive relationship between an OCD middle-aged art appraiser named Virgil … Continue reading