Dangerous Encounters – 1st Kind (Di yi lei xing wei xian, 1980)

Tsui Hark’s third film was banned by the British authorities in Hong Kong, apparently because of its references to the 1967 riots, which is something I don’t know a lot about although it immediately makes me think that unhappiness with … Continue reading

Saturday Matinee: A Chinese Tall Story (Qing dian da sheng, 2005)

Jeff Lau is an interesting character in the Hong Kong film industry who is perhaps best known outside of Hong Kong for his collaborations with Wong Kar Wai and Stephen Chow. His writing credits are all over the place and … Continue reading

Shaolin Drunkard (Tian shi zhuang xie, 1983)

Shaolin Drunkard (a.k.a. Wu Tang Master) is another supernatural martial arts comedy directed by Yuen Woo Ping, following the previous year’s The Miracle Fighters. It features some of the same cast from the earlier movie, including Eddy Ko and two … Continue reading