The Wind Rises (Kaze tachinu, 2013)

Miyazaki has become one of my very favorite directors over time. I’ve seen all of his feature films multiple times. To say that I came into his most recent (and reportedly his last) film with heightened expectations is an understatement. … Continue reading

Ten (or So) Great Films

The best response to one list is another, different list. Therefore, in honor of the latest BFI/Sight and Sound Poll of greatest films (in which Vertigo supplanted Citizen Kane for numero uno), here’s my list.  You should definitely make your … Continue reading

Panda Kopanda (1972 & 1973)

As part of my latest Hayao Miyazaki freak-out, I’ve discovered two relatively early short films written and animated by Miyazaki and directed by his Studio Ghibli co-founder, Isao Takahata. Panda! Go Panda! (1972) is about a young girl orphan living … Continue reading

Porco Rosso (Kurenai no buta, 1992)

I can’t remember where now, but somewhere along the line, before I’d seen the film, I read that Miyazaki preferred the French dub for Porco Rosso. Thus, somewhat whimsically, that’s what I listened to (with English subtitles, of course) the … Continue reading