Discovery of Nazimova’s old costumes

Well, this is pretty damn cool, especially for someone who share’s the writer’s love of Nazimova’s Salome (1923): “Announcing an exciting discovery of costumes and trunks once owned by Alla Nazimova.” Says Martin Turnbull: ‘In the Nazimova world, this is akin to finding another pair of Dorothy’s ruby slippers or Charles Foster Kane’s sled, Rosebud.’ Although it would’ve been nice if he’d mentioned that the headdress in question was most likely designed by Natacha Rambova (born Winifred Shaugnessy), who was an interesting character and a great artist in her own right.

Screencap from Salome


Discovery of Nazimova’s old costumes — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks for sharing this amazing news. As you can imagine, it’s been pretty exciting down here in Nazimova’s corner of the Garden (of Allah.) And you’re quite right, I ought to have mentioned that the headdress was most likely designed by Rambova. Trust her to come up with something as amazing as that piece!

  2. I’m in Los Angeles and the trunks are in Georgia, so I wasn’t there when they were opened – but boy! I wish I were! I had to make do with just the photos – and even then, my jaw just about unhinged when I realized what I was looking at!

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