Four More Years!

Today is the fourth anniversary of this blog, so it’s time for another State of the Blog post. (I didn’t do one last year.)

The Dreamland Cafe has evolved, to my eyes. When I started out I saw it as a place to primarily write about old movies. (Remember when I used to write about silent movies?) Over time, and especially lately, it’s become a place where I write about almost nothing but new movies. There are reasons for this, and probably the biggest is that due to some changes in my life I’m not watching many old movies right now. But another factor is that with new movies I just throw down some quick thoughts without putting a lot of work into it, but for old movies I’ve typically wanted to watch them at least a couple of times first and also take screencaps and select the best ones to publish with whatever I write. This is time-consuming, and so I do it much less often. Also, the main reason that I started writing about every new movie I saw was that I felt a blog needs a constant stream of new material, and that was the easiest way to provide it — assuming, as I did, that I wanted to write more carefully about old films.

It bothers me that I’ve been only writing about new movies lately, because it seems to me that there’s plenty of writing about new movies on the internet. Although, that said, everybody sees different movies, and to the extent that I end up writing about more rarely seen new movies, that’s probably just as valuable as writing about rarely-seen-these-days old movies. Still, I’m going to try to give myself permission right here and right now to write about old movies in an off-the-cuff, slapdash fashion, just as I do with new movies. I also hope to write more thoughtful pieces about both older and newer movies as time and ideas permit. Some of those more considered pieces have been the most popular ones on this blog over time. Then again, writing about slave sex or posting screencaps of a naked Olga Kurylenko seems to be the most popular thing you can do.

I had yet another wrestling match a few months ago with the feeling that the Dreamland Cafe is a waste of my time, because it seemed to me that I really don’t have anything interesting to say on the topic of film, at least compared to the best writers on film. It’s quite possible that the blog is preventing me from exploring other avenues of writing that would be more valuable to both myself and others. Once again, however, I’ve come around to the fact that I enjoy writing about the movies I see. Wrestling with the possibility that what you’re writing is a waste of time is just part of the life of a writer. So it goes, and so onward. Thanks, as always, for reading.

Photo of the Blogger Himself

The Blogger Himself (Photo by Johan Anglemark)


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