Second Anniversary

It suddenly occurred to me just a minute ago that this must be around the second anniversary of the Dreamland Cafe, and lo and behold, when I checked I found that I’d made my first post on March 13, 2011.

Two years on, I continue to have mixed feelings about this blog. What works about it for me is that it’s a kind of viewing journal that helps me keep track of my impressions of films. It’s a good place to practice writing about film, although it’s not clear to me that I’ve improved with practice.

The biggest downside is that there’s very little conversation here. On the one hand, as an introvert I’m used to talking mostly to myself. On the other hand, it does make me wonder why I’m making this conversation with myself public. If it’s an attempt at self-promotion, it doesn’t appear to be working! If it’s an attempt to promote the films I love, how would I know if I’m succeeding?

But Google Analytics continues to tell me that there are around a hundred people who come to the site more than once a month, with about half of those coming back pretty frequently. (Thank you for that, whoever you are.) I’ve had about 900 unique visitors in the past month, and that had spiked to 1500 a month or so ago before dropping down again. I was feeling pretty good about that growth in the number of visitors, so maybe returning to my baseline is making me feel a bit blue. The numbers really haven’t changed much from a year ago.

Anyway I guess I will continue to think of this as a personal journal that I make public. We’ll see where it goes from here. Perhaps the Dreamland Cafe will start teething and biting people.


Second Anniversary — 4 Comments

    • Thanks, Luke. That ain’t nothing. Then again, you of all people I could just tell what I thought of other movies I’ve seen. And one thing I failed to observe in this post was that my original intent was to mostly write about older movies here, but it’s ended up being more about the new movies I see. Not sure how that happened exactly, and it would probably be worth thinking about.

  1. Randy, I find your writing about movies interesting and useful. Our interests overlap, so I’ve seen a number of the films you write about,. They only overlap rather than coincide, so your perspective is always different from mine, sometimes in surprising ways, always in thoughtful ways.

    At this point, you have such a large vocabulary of film in your head that you have a terrifc historical perspective on anything you see. You’re every bit as educated about film as most film critics. I keep intending to ask if Glenn and I can go along on some film expeditions just for the sake of the after-movie beer and conversation.

    I guess all this boils down to: I hope you keep it up. I value what you write.

    • Thank you, Kate. I really appreciate hearing this. And of course we could arrange a movie expedition! You probably would’ve found that James Whale movie I saw at Noir City of interest, for example. I will try to keep you guys in mind as I survey the landscape of future viewings, and you should feel free to suggest things to me as well.

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