The Get Down (2016)

I loved The Get Down — the new Netflix series produced by Baz Luhrmann — set in the Bronx in 1977, when disco was at its peak and rap was still underground. It’s a kind of musical, with several of the characters trying to make their mark in disco or rap. It’s also a powerful exploration of the racism behind the blight in the Bronx at the time and the political compromises (and, indeed, corruption) required to dig out of the rubble. Great music, great performances, great characters, poignant history, powerful drama. The Rolling Stone article I’m linking to talks about how various Bronx musicians, including Grandmaster Flash, who is a (highly-mythologized) character in the series, were brought on board to help with the period detail, stories, and music. It’s a labor of love, and as I say, I loved it.

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