The Locket (1946)

Like Inception (2010), The Locket is perhaps notable more for its elaborate structure and visual pleasures than for the somewhat banal story it tells. But instead of Inception‘s dream-within-a-dream structure, The Locket‘s structure is a flashback-within-a-flashback that goes down three … Continue reading

More Trouble

‘Geneviève [Bujold] was the Claire Trevor character, Keith [Carradine] was the Richard Widmark character, Lori [Singer] was the Ida Lupino character, and Kris [Kristofferson] was John Garfield.’ — Alan Rudolph, interview in “Halves of a Dream,” an extra on the … Continue reading

Trouble in Mind (1985)

[Originally posted elsewhere in a substantially different form on May 27, 2007.]   It’s all Ulrika O’Brien’s fault, I suppose. She lent me DVDs of Alan Rudolph’s Choose Me (1984) and The Moderns (1988), and I liked them both — … Continue reading